The Wonders of Side Hustle’s Internship

How remote internship is playing a role in “Building Africa’s Workforce”

Bisrategebriel Fisseha
4 min readNov 6, 2021

Side Hustle Internship aims at “Building Africa’s Workforce” by providing remote internships for free to learn high-demand skills that will give you a competitive advantage in the global workforce. It also provides an opportunity to create and make use of a lot of fun networking taking on tasks, earning stipends, winning prizes, and ultimately becoming part of a startup where your skills are put to use.

Side Hustle’s front-end development with React JS aims at delivering key areas of focus on the journey of learning React JS from the beginner level to an expert level and additional soft skills in an immersive environment. The internship spans 6 weeks through the use of an agile delivery methodology, mentor matching, and leadership modules. During the internship, interns will be exposed to real-life applications and projects via the guidance of highly skilled mentors in the industry and a well-designed curriculum.

As a member of Team Targaryen in the frontend development with React cohort, the internship has been a smooth journey that provided an insight into real-world exposures through practical projects and mentorship support.

This is the fourth round of Side Hustle’s internship, and it’s been a fantastic trip for a variety of reasons.

Meet Elite Interns and Like-minded People

Being part of this remote internship gives an opportunity to meet interns throughout Africa which paves the way for stronger networking within participants.

Develop Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills like clear communication skills, conflict management & resolution skills, Self Awareness and Empathy help interns to exercise good relationships with others for working well. In addition, Intrapersonal skills which are the skills all about self-awareness and controlling one’s own internal attitudes and inner processes help interns to form the foundation on which you build your relationships with others because they help you more easily navigate your interpersonal relationships.

Work Competitively

The opportunity to learn high-demand skills that will give you a competitive advantage in the global workforce is a prominent part of Side Hustle’s internship.

Build Leadership Mindset

This is one of the most importance of the internship. In the process of building a leadership mindset interns will be able to exercise a leadership attitude that entails viewing challenges as opportunities and understanding that every obstacle offers an opportunity to learn and improve.


The Internship is equipped with a mentorship program from highly skilled mentors in the industry.

Useful Feedback from the Community

The huge community will help interns to grasp useful feedback not only as they progress through the internship program but also in the early stages of the internship.

Exercise Real-life Projects in an Immersive Environment

Real-life projects enable interns to be able to learn how to connect all parts of their career life in a meaningful way.

Now let’s talk about React and about the learning experience.

React is a free and open-source JavaScript front-end library for creating user interfaces or UI components. It is run by Facebook and can also be used as a foundation for single-page or mobile applications development. React Js has risen by leaps and bounds in less than a decade of existence. It has emerged as the preferred framework for developers and major businesses. Some of the prime examples are Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, Salesforce, BBC, Reddit, and many more. The above-mentioned list of leading companies using React JS is a clear indicator of an important thing.

For every aspiring front-end web developer, learning how to code in React.js is a worthwhile investment of time. But why should we learn React JS especially in 2022? Here are a couple of reasons that make React JS an outstanding preference.

React JS is used by leading companies around the world

React is used by leading companies in the world

React is used by a wide spectrum of large enterprises, including the New York Times and Facebook. If you know how to code in React, you’ll have a valuable talent to add to your resume.

React is Declarative

React makes it simple to design interactive user interfaces. Create basic views for each state in your application, and React will update and render only the necessary components when your data changes. Declarative views improve the predictability and debuggability of your code.

React leverages the use of reusable components

Create enclosed components that handle their own state, then combine them to create complicated user interfaces. Because component logic is implemented in JavaScript rather than templates, it is simple to transfer rich data around your app while keeping the state out of the DOM.

React Follows Learn Once, Write Anywhere approach

React is flexible and back-end agnostic, meaning you can use React no matter what the rest of your tech stack is.

React has a fast-learning curve and plenty of resources

With just a few days of training, any developer with even a rudimentary understanding of JavaScript can create stunning apps in React.

Huge Community of Dedicated Developers

React has a large and passionate development community. The community contributes to the open-source library’s upkeep and growth, with anyone able to contribute their own components.

React fully embraces JavaScript

React is a JavaScript library that makes full use of JS’s capabilities.

To sum up, Side Hustle’s Internship program is playing a vital role in “Building Africa’s Workforce” by equipping talents all around Africa to be able to compete in the global workforce.




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